UCMAS is taught in Greek.

If you are a parent with an English speaking child call us at +357 22 357 006 and we will notify you as soon as the first English speaking UCMAS center is available at your area.

If you are a private institute or school and would like to offer UCMAS in English, call us at +357 22 357 006 to arrange a meeting.

See the videos and you will be amazed with what UCMAS can do for your children.

UCMAS 1: Foundation (for Primary School Grades 1+2)
UCMAS 2: Basic, Elementary A (Primary School Grades 3 up to 6 start from level UCMAS 2)
UCMAS 3: Elementary B, Intermediate A
UCMAS 4: Intermediate B, Higher A
UCMAS 5: Higher B, Advanced
UCMAS 6: Grand A, Grand B